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Written by Nkinzi Aalia on Aug. 28, 2023

Uganda's economy depends heavily on logistics to support its development and growth. The term "logistics" refers to the control of the movement of products, services, and information from the point of origin to the site of consumption. Uganda's economy is primarily reliant on imports and exports.

According to the boarder crossing monitoring, North Corridor report by Oliver Fitzmaurice, over 300,000 trucks were crossing the border at Malaba and Busia every year by 2013.

The timely flow of commodities across borders and inside a nation is made possible by effective logistics networks, which include transportation/truck driving, warehousing, and distribution. This promotes foreign investment and facilitates global trade.

Truck driving in Uganda brings difficulties and opportunities. Thorough planning and the necessary equipment to travel safely and successfully on both the highways and the various terrains are required. These five necessities are needed for every truck driver on a Ugandan road, experienced or novice.

Valid documentation

This is the first step towards a trouble-free journey. Keep your national ID on hand, along with a valid driving license for the type of car you’ll be driving. These documents serve to both verify your identification and demonstrate your qualification to operate a commercial vehicle. Making sure all your paperwork is current will help you avoid needless delays and legal snags. Truck drivers are only eligible to get their driving license after completing training from a driving school and with a certificate of competence from the I.O.V Driver Testing Center.


People lined up to receive driving licenses at Uganda Driver Licensing System (UDLS) Pic Credit: New Vision

Devices for Communication and Navigation

Directions and travel conditions on Ugandan highways might be unexpected. Put communication devices like a cell phone with a local SIM card at your disposal. This makes it possible for you to keep in contact with others on the road and request assistance in an emergency. Purchase a trustworthy GPS navigation device that is optimized for Ugandan roads as well. This will assist you in avoiding obstacles like low bridges, roadblocks and other potential hindrances to your progress.

 Truck GPS system Pic Credit: Jaroslav Frank

Road Information and Regulations

It is essential to be knowledgeable about Ugandan road laws. Learn the driving customs, road signs, and traffic rules in your area. You can navigate with confidence, adhere to traffic laws, and predict other drivers' behavior thanks to this knowledge. Knowing the rules of the road in your area makes the roads safer for everyone and helps you avoid fines.


A chart showing commonly used road signs on Ugandan road Pic Credit: Vivo Energy Uganda.

Personal items

Pack the necessary personal items to preserve your comfort and hygiene while travelling. For tolls, road fees, and other small transactions, carry local cash. Pack clothes for varying weather conditions if you anticipate spending nights travelling. For a fresh and comfortable journey, don't forget to pack toiletries and other essentials.

Uganda local currency, (UGX) essential for exchange with in Uganda.  Pic Credit: Daily Monitor

Maintenance and Safety Equipment

Safety is the top priority when operating a truck. Make sure your car has a fully stocked first aid kit for quick treatment of minor wounds. In the event of accidents, breakdowns, or emergencies, reflective warning triangles are crucial for signaling your presence. Basic items, such as spare truck parts like fuses and belts, can help you quickly resolve minor mechanical difficulties, reducing downtime and allowing you to resume driving as soon as possible.


An emergency kit that every Truck driver should have in their Truck while on the road

In conclusion, truck drivers must be well-prepared to travel successfully on Ugandan highways. This preparation must include having valid identification on hand, communication and navigational tools, knowledge of local traffic laws, personal belonging packing, and safety and maintenance tools. These necessities not only enhance efficiency and safety but also make travelling Uganda's varied roadways easier.



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